Questions and Answers

We currently have three solutions. The first solution is called Vastasoft Marketplace Builder Software (VMBS).  The second solution is called Vastasoft Data Aggregation Software (VDAS).  The Third solution is a custom blogging web application called Vastablog
Absolutely. All of our solutions adhere to best practices in online security and the safety of your data is our utmost priority.
All you need to do is contact us with your requirements and we’ll find the solution that fits you best. Our dedicated experts work with you from start to finish to ensure a successful outcome. We’ll need your help in the design and testing phases too.
You will find us eager to achieve spectacular results once the software development contract is signed and the design specs are agreed on.
Our solutions are competitively priced and excellent value. Contact us to discuss a solution that will best suit your needs and one of our friendly team can review pricing options with you.
Our talented team of web experts can assist in a variety of areas when it comes to e-commerce solutions. We have a wide range of areas of expertise and a proven track record of success. Discuss your needs with us and we can find a solution to your business needs, together.
If you become our customer we will provide you with a toll free number to access your program manager directly.  Clients will also have access to a program manager via Skype conferencing 12 hours per working day and can call her or text her in case of a technical emergency after these hours 24/7- 365 days a year.
No. Vastasoft solutions are deployed in the traditional software-on-hardware way, using your own hardware / hosting or hosting provided by major hosting companies such as Amazon or Rackspace.
VMBS stands for Vastasoft Marketplace Builder Software.
VMBS allows companies to quickly create a very large B2C or B2B marketplace containing millions of products in thousands of categories. The VMBS is equipped with a powerful product catalog data-feed importer module.  The importer can handle 1,000,000 products each with a unique UPC, MPN, or GTIN in about an hour utilizing a typical server. The VMBS import-database builder imports products while it creates a category hierarchy. The second module of VMBS is a site builder that can use the imported data to create the back and front ends of a very powerful B2C e-commerce marketplace site or B2B marketplace. VMBS can be customized quickly to fit particular software design requirements or even to work with a particular software architecture.  The customization process should be seamless since the bulk of the development is complete.
A marketplace built by VMBS B2C has dozens of powerful features. A partial list of these features are shown on the How it works page
Our technology is highly customizable. We can create additional advanced features based on users’ own software design requirement.  Our agility enables us to create customize and debug the programming code for new features quickly.
Our software architecture is very powerful.  The web server, framework, database,  and the search engine we use are being used by top-notch sites on the internet.  Although this is a more involved customization, we can still accommodate the right users` requests.
Vastasoft solutions use only proven industry-standard technologies. Our developers have keen knowledge in optimizing these technologies to bring about a world class marketplace with optimized performance.
The VMBS importer module is very powerful. It can import about 1,000,000 products each with a unique UPC, MPN, or GTIN from numerous product catalog data-feeds using a typical server in an hour.  It does that while creating a category hierarchy for the imported products.
VMBS can support a virtually unlimited number of products in a marketplace. In practice the number may be limited by your server hardware
VMBS B2B Importer/Database Builder Module imports data from manufacturers` product feeds or databases. VMBS B2B front end is a trading platform where business buyers register to search for certain products. Once a buyer finds a products she is searching for, she can use certain communication tools to start communicating with the suppliers of that product.
Whereas traditional e-commerce builder solutions are suited for a single merchant and work efficiently for that purpose, VMBS is designed from the ground-up to automate the process of importing millions of  products from thousands of merchants.  VMBS is truly a unique  cutting-edge marketplace builder software as it retrieves product information from your suppliers’ own data feeds or databases.
There is no practical limit to the number of data sources that VMBS can aggregate. You are only limited by the number of suppliers you have and the number of times per day you wish to retrieve product information.
We recommend using a powerful cloud server or a very powerful dedicated server. Additional CDN hosting is necessary to host images and certain files to achieve optimal download speeds.
Yes. All pages are search engine-optimized to maximize your page rankings. This includes correct and safe keyword usage, optimized slug construction and friendly URL structuring.
VDAS stands for Vastasoft Database Aggregation Software.
VDAS is similar to VMBS in a sense that it has similar importer module capabilities of aggregating large amounts of data quickly into a single database. Then it builds an optimized front and back-end website with powerful menus and a search engine and other important features.  One possible application of VDAS can be in the medical field. In such an application VDAS can be customized to aggregate vast amounts of medical data in order to study multiple drug side effects. The front end can be customized to create queries pertaining to the application and presenting the results in table or graphical formats.
Vastblog is an agile blog platform that enables the admin to create blogger accounts quickly and intuitively.
The advantage of Vastablog is its agility, scalability, intuitive administration, and blogging. Add to that Vastasoft’s ability to quickly develop more features per the user’s software design requirement and you end up with a world class web application.