Vastasoft is a team of highly talented engineers and web application developers with a desire to bring world-class services to our customers through exceptional customer service and visionary web solutions. We take pride in everything we do and pride ourselves in going the extra mile for you, the customer. We want to save you time and money by delivering complex web application solutions for a fraction of the cost. With a dynamic efficient team of software professionals, a desire to provide you with the best outcomes possible and a passion for the cutting-edge of web technology, we’re the right choice to bring you success online.

Our tools, solutions and services have been developed to deliver best-in-class outcomes that exceed our client expectations. We’ve mastered the complex art of bringing physical businesses online, rapidly. Through a combination of the right tools, the right people and the right vision we’ve been developing marketplace web applications since 2012. Headquartered in the USA and with an international team of experts across many disciplines, we’re ready to help. Our solutions are engineered in-house to meet rigorous requirements. In fact, Vastasoft was born out of the lack of a simple and smart answer to the question of online marketplace deployments. Our reply to this question was Vastasoft Marketplace Site Builder (VMBS) which enables product data aggregation from numerous online stores and as a result it creates a significantly large marketplace with millions of products in thousands of categories. Check out how VMBS helped Dealnet.com aggregate a million products from dozens of online stores. Also, great web business can also be personal so we turned our attention to blogging. Vastablog was the outcome and this versatile blogging platform now provides rapid, carefree content production to users worldwide with all the features of a truly dynamic writing platform. Take a look at any of our case studies to read why our VMBS solution is considered a leading marketplace web application.





Vastasoft gets the job done, no matter how complex. Business today is demanding we understand how complex our clients’ systems can be. We don’t let this get in the way of delivering comprehensive e-commerce solutions, no matter the difficulty – we’re ready for the challenge!