Vastasoft has developed the impressive VMBS technology which creates searchable databases as a result of importing numerous product catalog data-feeds. Subsequently, it constructs a similarly impressive online B2C or B2B marketplace that can include millions of products pages for products contained in these product catalogs. This marketplace utilizes a search engine which indexes the database to generate lighting fast searches. An advanced featured products script that run as cronjob at time intervals determined by the admin ensures that your home page will always have new and exciting products with every download. An Advanced menu structure that allows users to zoom-in on their favorite category is also part of the online marketplace. Vastasoft utilizes Google’s recommendations for page load speed optimization and search engine optimization. We also utilize a content delivery network (CDN) in order to serve parts of our content to end-users at high download speeds. Contact Vastasoft Client Services for your enterprise level marketplace needs.

VDAS is another application that can be used to aggregate large amounts of data from numerous sources in order to place it in a searchable database.  We utilize a powerful search engine that indexes the data in order to study certain properties in the data or certain trends.  The technology is available but needs further customization based on the particular need of the user. Contact Vastasoft Client Services for your enterprise level data aggregation needs.

Vastablog is a nimble blog application that can be installed with little customization.

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