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PHP is one of the most popular server-side web development scripting languages. It is lightweight, fast and widely used to create high-end dynamic websites. PHP frameworks are used to develop dynamic, standardized, scalable, durable and optimized web applications. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most popular PHP frameworks in 2014.


CakePHP is one of the most popular PHP frameworks and top of the list because it provides high class performance, requires less code and development is faster and more simple. It uses common design patterns such as Association Data Mapping, MVC, Active Record and Front controller, to name but a few. Here’s some of its best features:

  • No configuration required
  • Build/Implemented quickly
  • Clean MVC conventions
  • Secure


Zend is another very popular and effective PHP-based framework. It can be used to develop small- or enterprise-level web applications using the object-oriented coding concept. In conjunction with its strong standard library features, high-class MVC-based applications can be built.. Development is modular so that the developer can easily integrate applications with other frameworks if required. Zend is a collection of classes and you simply need to use it as per your application’s requirements. The best features of the Zend framework are:

  • Object-oriented concept
  • Robust MVC implementation
  • Inbuilt library
  • Easily extensible
  • Highly secure


CodeIgnitor is one of the more powerful PHP frameworks, which, through elegant included tool kits, helps developers to create high class, fully featured web applications in less time. It is a fully-fledged PHP framework with a small footprint. It’s also based on the MVC development idea in which models are optional. CodeIgnitor functionalities include:

  • No configuration required
  • Carefully explained and clear documentation
  • Perfect balance of complexity and simplicity
  • small footprint


Laravel is a widely used PHP framework with elegant syntax that reduces the headaches associated with complex coding . It works with MySQL, Postgres, SQLite and SQL Server database as well as easy to manage third-party installed packages. It is perfect for development of  simple and enterprise-level projects alike. The exceptional features of Laravel includes:

  • Elegant syntax
  • Powerful toolset
  • Expressive migration system
  • Authentication, session, caching and routing integration
  • High level of security

5-Aura framework:

The Aura PHP framework provides high quality features, fully decoupled, independent packages and a well tested library. It is built using PHP 5.4+ and can be used with any common database solution. It also provides flexibility to developers in that either they can use this complete framework or any component from its library based on their application requirements. Developers can also download individual packages. It features anonymous functions, formal namespaces, late static binding and short array syntax. The functionalities offered by Aura framework are:

  • Well tested
  • High quality development
  • Standards compliant library
  • PHP 5.4+ functionality included

6-YII framework:

YII is an open source framework that is based on the MVC and object-oriented development concepts. It is simple to use and reduces total development time. The main functionalities offered by the YII framework are:

  • MVC based development
  • L10N/I18N capable
  • DAO/ActiveRecord
  • Testing
  • Scaffolding
  • Authentication and Role-based access
  • Caching


Symfony is an MIT licensed MVC development based PHP framework. It uses existing de facto standards of PHP and lets you choose and run the software components you want to use. It offers prefabricated assets to use in your development that helps to simplify complex coding tasks. It includes the following features:

    • Highly efficient
    • Time-effective
    • Rapid integration with applications
    • Complete, Brick by Brick or Micro-framework packages
    • Stability, Upgrade-ability and Maintainability

8-Kohana framework:

Kohama framework is developed using PHP 5 – making it open source – and following the MVC development concept. It is licensed under the BSD license and can be used for any personal, open source or commercial use. The Kohana framework component includes:

  • Code profiling
  • Database access
  • Validation
  • Debugging and transition tools
  • Secured


Phalcon is the one of fastest PHP frameworks available today. It’s open source, written for PHP5 as a C-extension, is optimized and easy to use. Its rich feature set includes ready to use PHP classes so developers need only to extract the features they want use in their web application. It is fast which reduces processor usage which thus increases overall application performance. It strengths include:

  • PHP5 and written in C
  • Fully featured framework
  • Free to use the full framework or a specific component

10-PHPixie framework:

PHPixie is another commonly-used framework which is open source, based on the HMVC development methodology and is very reliable. It is designed to be efficient, fast, reliable and secure, while being easy to use and capable enough to perform solid development.


These are the top 10 most popular php frameworks. Some offer a wide range of PHP functionality which can be implemented at any stage of web application development. Some are used to allow your application perform faster while others focus more on security. Use any of framework can help simplify complex development and save the developer’s time.


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